By Debbie and Randy Coe

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The Closure of Vianne Glass
by Debbie and Randy Coe

While we generally think only about American glass companies, other companies around the world produce some fine glassware. One of these is the Vianne Glass Company of France, which was founded in 1928.. They were among the biggest glass companies in France. The village of Vianne, the namesake of the company, is located near Bordeaux in southwest France. Vianne produced hand blown glass and was the last surviving glass company in France to do so. They proudly listed as having over 4000 moulds that could be used to make over 9000 shapes. It was also stated that they could produce over 3000 colors and tints.

In the last year and a half there have been continuing problems with the environment, labor laws and political issues. All of this has compromised Vianne’s ability to produce the glass it wanted. Strong competition around the world also impacted their sales.

You may be wondering how Vianne glass affects you. Well, the next time you go into a lighting store, look closely at the lamp shades and globes. Chances are they were made by Vianne. They specialized in the ornate and etched shades for all kinds of lamps. Vianne was a major provider of the glass for the Renaissance and Casablanca ceiling fans. They also made glass for outdoor lighting and sconces. All of companies that bought glass from Vianne proudly announced they used their glass.

Sadly, at the end of December 2005 came the announcement that this fine company was closing its doors . Another glass company has now disappeared, along with its ability to produce glass for many other companies and the loss of vital jobs to the region.




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