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Book Review of
Bridges A Postcard History

By Geoffrey H. Goldberg

The beauty of bridges, across the country, are highlighted for all to enjoy. The architectural design is complicated by the location of the bridge and how it is to function. The masterful creation of the beauty of the bridge must also deal with safety and longevity. All of this type of information is given throughout the book.

Vintage colorful photographs and post cards show the types of bridges and the materials that were used to build them. Products used include: cable; concrete; rope; steel; stone and wood. The  Landmark bridges that are shown are: London; Brooklyn; Tower; George Washington; Sydney Harbour and Golden Gate. Many of these bridges are so popular that stories, poems and songs were written about them. Across our national roads are all kinds of bridges that were built to handle the flow of traffic. The railroads also needed special bridges to allow their travel from one area to the next. Bridges that have collapsed are a tragic event and have brought unfortunate attention to them

This 8 ½” x 11” hardback book with a dust cover enables you to fully understand all the aspects of the need for bridges in all of our lives. The 480 plus color photos along with black and white images on 208 pages will give you many hours of enjoyment. The book retails for $49.99.

Bridges A Postcard History




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