By Debbie and Randy Coe

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Valentines Day
by Debbie and Randy Coe

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and Fenton has offered some special glass for this romantic occasion through their Spring Sentiments collection. In 1993 Martha Reynolds created a decoration of a boy holding some flowers behind his back while talking to a girl. This design was featured on a Ruby petite bell, #7463RQ and was only sold until February 14, 1993.

Loves Me, Loves Me Not was the name of the Sentiments collection for 1994. Three new items in Ruby were again decorated with a design by Martha Reynolds. This scene featured a girl kneeling beneath a tree and pulling petals off a flower. The #8319RY 9” plate, #7463RY 6” bell and #8673RY 7 ½” oval basket were offered from January 1 until October 31, 1994.

Butterfly Delight was the name of the Valentine’s limited edition for 1995. Martha Reynolds created a scene of a young girl reaching out to a spring butterfly fluttering through the air. The four piece collection was done on Ruby glass. Three of the items were the same shapes as used in 1994. There was the #8319RG 9” plate, #7463RG 6” bell, #8673RG 7 ½” oval basket and #5145RG pedestal egg. These were offered from January 1 until October 31, 1994.

The Sentiments Collection in 1996 only offered two items. For the first time they were made in Cranberry glass and each piece had a different scene on it. The #1554RP 9” vase called “Daydreaming” featured a young girl gazing into a pond. The #1532RK 6 ½” hat basket was called “The Swan” and showed two swans swimming in a pond. Both of these decorations were designed by Martha Reynolds.

The 1997 collection again featured Cranberry glass that was decorated with three different designs created by Martha Reynolds. All of these pieces were limited to 1500 being made. “Breezy Day” featured a young girl holding on to her hat in a gentle spring wind on the #1500DI guest set. “Swinging” had a girl sitting on a swing on the #1539DQ 8” basket. The last piece was a #1505DW two piece fairy light called Meadow Flowers and had a young girl picking flowers.   

Cranberry glass was again offered in the 1998 collection with the three pieces being limited to 1500. There were three new shapes but two previous decorations were used in this collection. The #1533DI 11 ½” hexagon basket had the “Breezy Day” decoration on it. The #2906RK perfume had “The Swan” decoration. “Bird Watcher” was the theme on the #3275DM 6 ½” pitcher which featured a seated girl in the forest gazing at a bird. Martha Reynolds designed this new scene.

The 1999 collection had four pieces done in Cranberry glass with the decorations designed by Martha Reynolds. A 13” lamp, #3201RK had “The Swan” on it and was limited to 1250. A boy sitting under a tree holding a fishing pole was featured on both the #3248R8 5” vase, limited to 2500 and #1613R8 8” basket, limited to 2250. The #1671RD 7 ½” pitcher featured a girl chasing a butterfly and was limited to 2250.
The year of 2000 saw four more pieces comprising the Cranberry Spring Limited Edition collection with the decorations designed by Martha Ryenolds. There was a 18” tall lamp #1590DW with the Meadow Flowers decoration on it and limited to 1250. A 9 ½” basket #3281RQ, had a girl holding an umbrella and walking in the spring rain. This was called “First Rain” and limited to 2350.  A 9” pillar vase #6533R9 showed a girl picking apples and was limited to 2350. The 6 ½” bell #3271RK had “The Swan” scene on it and was limited to 2350.

Martha Reynolds designed the decorations on the four pieces for the 2001 Spring Collection that were limited to 2350. A 10” vase, #1616Q2, showed a little girl having a tea party with her bear and was called “Tea Party”. The 8” tumble up, #3200DQ, featured a young girl sitting in a swing and was called appropriately “Swinging”. On the 8 1/2” basket, #2983DM, a girl was gazing at a bird and was called “Bird Watcher”. “Along for the Ride” was the decoration on the last item. It was a 7” vase, #1573Q8, which showed a girl pushing a wheel barrow filled with flowers that also held her favorite teddy bear.

The 2002 collection showcased three new designs from Stacy Williams and one previous design from Martha Reynolds. “Good Boy” had a little boy petting his dog on the #3249MB 5” vase. “Special Delivery” had a girl riding her bicycle on the #5985MH 10” vase. A two piece fairy light #1505MZ featured the previous “Day Dreaming” design. “Vintage Stroke” was the theme on a 11” basket, #1533MV and featured a lady golfer. All of these pieces were limited to 2350.

Stacy Williams designed the three new designs for 2003 which featured four items. A 18” student lamp, #2904J9, was offered with a boy and his dog playing marbles which was called “Your Turn”. The lamp was limited to 950. A 6 ½” vase, #1547B9, had a girl reading a book to her small forest animal friends. This vase was called “Storytelling”. The 4 ½” vase, #1537G9 featured the “Swinging” design. The last piece was a 10” basket, #3283Y9, had a girl feeding her lamb and was called “Special Treat”. These three pieces were limited to 2000 pieces.

The 2004 collection featured four items with designs by Stacy Williams that were all decorated on Cranberry. A three piece water set #5906DG had a 7 ½” pitcher and two 3” tumblers. This was limited to 950.  The set was titled “Puppy Love” and featured a boy and girl holding hands with two puppies sitting at their feet. A 7 ½” basket #2989Y8 called “My First Pony” had a girl giving her pony a carrot. A 4” rose bowl #7424XE called “Hello Friend” showed a fawn by a sitting young girl. The last piece was a 8 ½” vase that had a young girl in her garden and was called “Garden Time” Each of the these pieces were limited to 2000.

Another four piece Cranberry collection was offered in 2005 with Stacy Williams continuing with the designs for these limited edition pieces.  An 8 ½” vase, #l6538EE, titled “Blue Bells, Cockle Shells” had a girl jumping rope with her puppy looking on. Next was a #1505EC two piece fairy light with a girl sitting on a bench with her kitten and they are watching a bird.  This was called “Purr-fect Pair”. A 9” hat basket, #2983ED, with a girl feeding the wild bird was called “Feeding Time”. These three items were limited to 1850. An 11” hurricane lamp, #8001EP, had a boy playing a drum in the woods and was called “Little Drummer Boy”. This was limited to 1250.

For 2006, there were four more pieces in Cranberry with the designs being shared between Stacy Williams, Kim Barley and Robin Spindler. A 19 ½” pillar lamp, #8103SK, showed a boy holding his puppy with another puppy close by and was called “Puppy Love”. The lamp was limited to 1250. An 8 ½” vase, #6853UK, showed a girl at the sea shore and was called “Beach Comber”. A 4 ½” pitcher, #5471HF, had a kneeling boy blowing bubbles and was called “Bubbles”. The last piece was a 5 ½” candy box, #1515PF, with a girl playing with her kitten and called “Here Kitty Kitty”. These three pieces were limited to 1850. This was the last time that children’s themes were featured on Cranberry glass for the Spring supplement.




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